Rocky Mountain National Park

This is a collection of snapshots that we
took during our visit to the park in August 1996.
It was a pleasure to be able to spend a month
there after being away for so long.

Click on any image for a larger view.
Each image has a link to the next in the series.
You can start at the first one and follow as many
as you like without re-loading this page.

Avalanche story

Bridal Veil Falls trail, from the falls up...
bridal veil falls top of bridal veil falls a small fall above bridal veil the stream above bridal veil falls another small fall above bridal veil

Want to see someone who is real happy? Follow me...

Some photos taken from Flattop Mountain.
wide angle view of tundra Marmut Pika find the parking lot in this photo tundra and grand lake interesting trees

The Owls Bowels, (egh! maenky)
looking up at Twin Owls - link looking down from the top - link The Owls Bowls - link up over the top - link quite the view up here - link us, top of the owls - link

Lawn Lake, Thunder Lake, and Lake of Many Winds.
Dam - link Lawn Lake - link the pass above lawn lake - link Thunder lake - link A stream above Thunder Lake - link Flowers found above Thunder Lake - link Lake of Many Winds - link

A few more pictures...
Desolation Peaks - link Campers by the fire - link It's raining - link Strange shot of Chuck - link

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